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ASTM UAS Approved Training Provider Application (PACI-ASTM-3-A-002)

This is the application to the UAS Approved Training Provider Program (UATPP).

The new joint offering, the UAS Approved Training Provider Program (UATPP), will evaluate curricula of training programs to see if they are in compliance with standards. The UATPP is based on technical standards being created by a group of ASTM International members including drone experts, manufacturers, and others in a subcommittee (known as F38.03) focused on personnel training, qualification, and certification.

The UATPP’s first offering evaluates training programs that seek to be recognized as in compliance with a standard published this year, called the “standard guide for training and remote pilot command of unmanned aircraft system endorsement” (F3266). The guide describes at a high level the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to safely operate drones (e.g., powered fixed-wing, vertical-take-off-and-lift, and rotorcraft) for commercial purposes.

The UATPP also evaluates compliance to the “specification for training and the development of training manuals for the UAS operator” (F3330), which outlines requirements and best practices related to documentation and organization. The specification supports both internal training programs as well as programs offered to the public.
  • Application
  • Facilities
  • Facilities
  • Classroom and Laboratory Floorplan
  • Equipment and Material
  • Equipment and Material
  • List of Tools and Training Equipment
  • Faculty Requirements
  • Faculty List
  • Faculty Experience
  • F3266 Subject Matter Requirements
  • F3266 General Knowledge Subject Matter Requirements
  • F3266 Indoctrination Curriculum Knowledge Requirements
  • F3266 Indoctrination Curriculum Ground Training Requirements
  • F3266 Indoctrination Curriculum Documentation Requirements
  • F3266 Indoctrination Curriculum Flight Training Requirements
  • F3266 Practical Skills:
  • F3266 Practical Skills
  • F3266 Practical Skills: Flight Maneuvers applicable to Fixed-wing UAS
  • F3266 Practical Skills: Flight Maneuvers applicable to Rotorcraft UAS
  • F3266 Practical Skills: Flight Maneuvers applicable to VTOL UAS
  • F3266 Practical Skills: Emergency Procedures
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 18 months, 1 day